Friday, February 5, 2010

Vintage Printables

Vintage Printables is an incredible collection of out of copyright images, mostly scientific, perfect for printing and framing or using in your craft projects.

Partial Eclipse of the Moon

The images are extensively categorized and subcategorized, so you can easily find everything from magicians to surgical equipment; imperial Russian playing cards to scientific botanical prints.

You can even browse them sorted by color.

The proprietor will even link to your etsy store or website if you use the images in a project -- which means the rest of us can find wonderful things made with all of these images!


ArtSnark said...

fabulous! Thanks for the info

Muse said...

Am I missing something, or are very few of these images actually high enough resolution to print with any success?

Raven said...


daysease said...

fabulous egg page!! GREAT...

Alex said...

Oh. Oh my. I cannot thank you enough for pointing this out, but... thank you, thank you!


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