Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Octopodes II

We've been tracking the "Octopus in Home Decor" trend since 2008, and our friends on etsy have been delivering it for even longer, but I was amused and delighted by these (expensive, handmade) octopus options at Anthropologie.

Octopus Garden Wallpaper, $198 a roll.

Amelie Sofa, Fathoms, $3498.

I love the saturated blues used in both of these.

p.s. If you like the octopus style, you may want to peruse the Everything Octopus blog.


ArtSnark said...


This is a good Octo site too:

Crescent Moon said...

I'm not a big fan of wallpaper, but I love the couch.

Saraccino said...

To many things on the evergrowing want-to-be-mine list....!

Although I would prefer on the wallpaper as well as the couch only the octopi... ^^

Fogwoman Gray said...

Gah! Love them both. Now just need a couple more jobs to afford them...

daysease said...

Wow, both are great. I may not really LOVE wallpaper, but I think that one has a lot of potential for all kinds of things/places. Ideas are flowing... I would love to have whatever sample book that is in. :-) and... that couch... I LOVE it. So different. Too bad it is so expensive. Thanks for sharing.

Sean Walker said...

All of it is great. The couch is just epic.

Death By Divas said...

Thanks so much for the Everything Octopus shout-out! :)

We're really enjoying your blog as well.


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