Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Biological Things at the Evolution Store

I stumbled across The Evolution Store, a source of reasonably priced biological items, and though you might be interested. Here's a sample of what they have...

Pretty botanical prints.
Ben's from rice growing country, so this one appealed to me -- not to mention the colors are great.
The colors here are so great -- I'd order the poster, and then build a room around it.
Cherries -- these could work for so many different types of rooms -- kitchens, rooms with a lot of red and black, even for a different twist on cherry blossoms in a room with a lot of Asian elements.

Lots of interesting marble coasters.


And last but not least, fossils!


ArtSnark said...

what fun - thanks for sharing.

Jen Chandler said...

These are all great. I think I'll wander over to their website.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Love these! Thanks for sharing the images and links. Can't wait to visit the site myself!

Take care,


Dawn said...

I so want to peel the cork off the back and use the octopus coasters as bathroom wall tiles.

Thanks for pointing me at them!


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