Friday, February 5, 2010

Octopus Table on Etsy

Yesterday's post solicited a comment by Tammyo about this Octopus Coffee Table, in the same vein as the one pictured, that she has (had!) for sale on Etsy. By the time I read the comment, it was already sold, and I can see why -- it's awesome.

I don't mean to tease, but I think we should encourage Tammy to make more in this vein.


practicalgirl said...

just a clarification: i didn't make the table, i saw it on etsy and asked the creative folks at the goblin bazaar to make me one (which they're in the process on doing). it's pretty rad, eh?

Kimberley "Fox" Coffman said...

thanks tammy - the site for this table is

if anyone is interested, as Tammy said, I make custom orders. And you can check out the one I made for her in the 'sold' category as well!


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