Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eva's Steampunk Naturalist Living Room

Eva posted a link to pictures of her living room in the comments to Decorating the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, and I thought you all might be interested in seeing what she's done.

Apothecary jars + apothecary style media cabinet -- it's obvious when someone else does it, isn't it?

I love the fern leaf taking up the length of the shorter apothecary jar.

My husban Ben has been wanting an old typewriter -- Eva found this one for $15 at a junk store! She's planning on filling the jars with old keys and gears.

Very Victorian style botanical prints.

My take-aways: Apothecary jars are key to the "Victorian Naturalist Laboratory" look. (And there have been so many in stores over the last couple of years they are starting to show up in thrift stores -- I scored a smaller pedestal one just yesterday.) Uncluttered is good (a constant tension in steampunk decor). I do think the room would benefit from a bit more organized clutter on the walls -- maybe some Haeckel prints to play up the unsweet side of our naturalist?

See her whole set of pictures, including before and afters, here.

What would you fill apothecary jars with?


Waterbug Guy said...

I want to fill a few apothecary jars with dry beans, home grown of course. I think there are some really beautiful specimens out there. Maybe some layers of different beans.

I would also fill some jars with screws, bolts, nuts, typewriter parts, etc... that I normally keep in the shop. Doubling their use as decorations appeals to me. Filling the jar with oil to protect steel parts from rust could add to the decoration.

kaeldra said...

My boyfriend and I are collecting all the corks from wine we drink together in a really big apothecary jar.

mamacita said...

Marshalls had a good selection of apothecary jars when I was there about a month ago.

geek details said...

I have one jar with bits and baubles from my kids: sea glass we collected in Japan, shells from a vacation, dog tags they won at school, tickets from a show etc. It's a bit like I spy with it now because of all the weird stuff in there, but at least it's on display and not in a box somewhere.

Raven said...

I love it! Very inspiring!


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