Thursday, July 2, 2009

Practical Magic's Victorian Apothecary

Did the phrase "Victorian Apothecary" get your attention? (Or maybe just the fact that I'm posting after so long a hiatus while working on the renovations to my house?)

This is the kitchen from the 1998 witchy-fun movie, designed by the duo of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, who went on to create wonderful real houses under the umbrella of their design firm Roman and Williams.

From the Practical Magic website: The New England-style home also features a roomy kitchen -- the heart of the house -- which centers around a British aga-gas stove.

"The aga is almost like a shrine," elaborates Standefer. "This is the place where they do their work; it's where they place the caldron."

The pantry features shelves of home-canned foods -- the kind of thing past generations of women used to spend their days filling which now fell to members of the prop department, who had to fill hundreds of jars.

Standefer sees the house as being a very real character in the story. "The house itself has a certain magic to it. There is a whole world in this house and garden. These women are outcasts and this place is their sanctuary; it almost feels as though all the emotion of the generations is caught up in its walls."

Although the wonderful transom windows above the doors would be challenging, approximating this look wouldn't be hard. Stick to a palette of whites and woods, use a mixture of dark and white glass fronted cabinets (Ikea's LIDINGĂ– and LILJESTAD would work) and accessorize with glass cloches and apothecary jars.

Hat tip to Barefoot in the Orchard and Endless Inspiration.


Mark Rimmell said...

It was indeed the fact that you were posting after so long a hiatus that go my attention.

Pleased to see that you're back.

Are the renovations finished? Will we get to see the result here?

Practical Magic is a film that passed me by... Just off to follow your links and add it to my rental list. because there are a few ideas there I'd like to explore in my kitchen.

Oh and... My cousin just got an Aga and I'm just a tad envious.

Sara said...

Oh, you'll definitely get to see pictures when the addition and renovation are finished -- the kitchen countertops were just installed yesterday (and I'm adoring them!) in the kitchen, and there is quite a bit more to go.

Waterbug Guy said...

Nice to see you back. And what a great way to come back ... inspirational kitchen. I have been working on my renovation for months now and some days, like today, it's hard to keep going. Pictures like you posted today remind me why I'm doing this.

I also look forward to news of your renovation as well.

paisley penguin said...

Practical Magic is one of my favorite films! I was partly filmed here in Washington state on the islands. In fact, where the house "stands" is really a prop on national park service property.

Love, love, love the kitchen! When I have a real house and not a condo I plan to do something similar!

Stephanie Ganger said...

An old Victoria magazine had a neat article about this very kitchen. I cannot remember the specific issue but the kitchen is indeed lovely.

Holly said...

I love that movie, and I lust after the house. I've been contemplating doing something "makeoverish" with my kitchen, since it will probably be years before we renovate it, and I think this bone-white paint scheme would be great! Thanks for pointing this out!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I loved this movie and I loved the house! So cool that you found this and shared, thank you.

What do you think of the house in the remake of "13 Ghosts"?

Juju at Tales of said...

I have been totally obsessed with this house ever since I first saw the movie. Great post!


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