Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kozo Lamps

David sent me this find -- some wonderful, industrial, lamps by kozo lamp. (And we love lighting, don't we? Sometimes I worry that I post *too* many lighting options, but then decide, "nah, stylish electricity is the easiest way to steampunk a house.")

The Kozo 3.

Here's what the makers have to say about the lamps: “With a bit of humor and a certain audacity, KOZO lamps stand as alien lighting figures, telling a new story”

The Kozo 2.

KOZO lamps are made out of galvanized iron plumbing tubes, hand picked and collected from different manufacturers. each bares the trademarks of its origin.
Kozo 1

The materials are left as authentic as possible with a little rust at the joints and some marks from hand tools that were used in the assembly process.



geek details said...

Those look awesome though and lighting really can make or break a room

Raven said...

those are really cool!

Keshlam said...

Obviously, these designs could be homebrewed. Figuring out how to mount the socket for the bulb is the hardest part.

Get yourself a bunch of fittings and play...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Keep the Both Thumbs Up!


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