Saturday, June 7, 2008

The White Duke from Donovan Designs

Should I just rename this blog the Art Donovan fan blog? I just love Art's work, and he's a regular reader and commenter, so let's just call it a mutual admiration society and be done with it.

Art's newest piece is called the White Duke, and he shared with us his concept sketches, which he says no one usually sees. (I think steampunks are as much interested in the process of concept and fabrication as in the final results.)

I think this lamp needs a raygun, myself. All the better to protect itself while exploring the nether reaches of the Red Planet or somesuch.


Mr.Natural said...

He sure makes some fine lamps, dosen't he?

shannanigan1 said...

Holey Moley... I can't even begin to express my lust for this lamp!

I'm a Mid-Century decor gal, and this to me is a combo of Steampunk/Victorian with a touch of that 50's futuristic look.

Its Freakin' Fab! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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daysease said...

Wow, I am so atteracted to this lamp. I think I am fascinated by the sketches as much as the finished product. So great...


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