Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Automatic Temperature Controlling Aparatus" also known as Tyree's End Table

Tyree Callahan found, cleaned up, and repurposed this "Automatic Temperature Controlling Aparatus" by "The Power Regulator Company" into an end table for his living room.


The best piece, though, is the plaque on the side:

More pictures of the work to get it cleaned up on his blog.


Emeriol said...

I followed some links from that guys blog and found this little gem:
a steam rocket!

Mr.Natural said...

That is a treasure indeed! Of course, there is less and less of this wonderful brass and cast iron as time passes and the price of scrap increases. Thank goodness for those with an eye for these things. I have been called everything from a junkyard dog to a master crap-stacker. COMPLIMENTS ALL!

Anonymous said...
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