Friday, June 6, 2008

LMH's Steampunk Nook

A nook is a good place to start with your steampunk decor, as LMH demonstrates.

The nook demonstrates a number of the "tenents" of steampunk decor (I didn't know we had tenets, did you?) The "used future" -- or perhaps in the case, the used past -- in an antique typewriter (found at a garage sale, natch) and antique vanity (from her parent's garage, even better!); the DIY value in refinishing said vanity and the print out of the Victorian era world map stuck in the frame. (This one came from the David Rumsey map collection.)

The magnifying glass "helping hand" is magnifying a pocket watch. You can find a similar device here. The working brass telescope was a Walmart find!

I like how this collection tells a story -- you can picture an explorer -- perhaps a wandering naturalist -- plotting his or her next adventure at this desk, consulting books, examine "treasures" collected on a previous journey, and typing up their memoirs.

More detailed pictures in LMH's photo set.
Another nook idea.
More reader's homes.


ksokoly said...
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ServoMan said...

Nice post.

Wondering what department at WalMart you came across the brass telescope ?

rengal said...

Is there such a thing anywhere as a steampunk decorating advisor? a consultant? a person who would be willing to help give advice and ideas on a room I want to make more steampunky for my husband? Is there a place where I can put some pictures and a cry for assistance?

Sara said...

rengal -- if you want to send some photos and a description of what you are looking for along, I would be willing to post them and open up for comments from the crowd....

Email address is at the upper left.


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