Thursday, June 19, 2008

Found Objects of Industry

An incredible resource for steampunk style, Found Objects of Industry is a small online antiques dealer specializing in industrial antiques. They have quite a few antique architect desks, as well as many more esoteric items. Here's just a sampling:

A multi-beam surgical lamp (it's pretty crazy looking -- if you got it set up just right it would make a good reading lamp -- as long as you were comfortable being "under the spotlight" in a slightly macabre way!)

A gilded, folding Victorian bed. I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like this before.

A folding revival bench from the 1800s. Because seating that is also a gadget is hard to come by....

And finally a Victorian dental tray -- on an articulating arm.


Lizabeta said...

And such a deal as a book light at just $10,000!!! I'm sooo in the wrong industry!

It is a verra good looking lamp though.

Lynne said...

That dental tray makes my hair stand on end (phobic)--very cool looking though.

I have a bench just like that one, but alas no gadgetry. Perhaps I can gadget it up somehow.


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