Monday, January 24, 2011

Tin BackSplashes

One idea I considered for my kitchen was a backsplash made of tin ceiling tiles. Kevin Ritter of Timeless Kitchens pointed out Valley Tin Works makes new tin ceiling tiles that he uses in his kitchen designs.

The first image is by Timeless Kitchens so I'm guessing that Valley Tin Works did the backsplash as well.


Tales of Whimsy said...

I <3 tin :)

Nikki said...

try these guys if you are on a smaller budget:
I have used their tiles - easy to put up, inexpensive, and great service.

Jeanette said...

Those pictures are great. My mom wanted a copper tile back splash and I helped her find copper-colored tin tiles--she'd never considered using ceiling tiles but once we saw them we knew it would make a beautiful back splash!

K.S.M. said...

What a fantastic idea! It looks like I know what my next project is going to be:)

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry said...

Red alert! Valley Tin Works is now Bastille Metal Works ( and they have expanded their offerings. Yes, they did do the backsplash behind the white cabinets.

Thanks for the post!!

Kevin Ritter
Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry & Design

Unknown said...

New tin ceiling tiles best when in the kitchen....old, antique, reclaimed tin ceiling tiles are known to have high levels of lead....not good when in the kitchen...just a thought.


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