Monday, January 17, 2011

For the Steampunklets

I can't believe I'm recommending one of those online sale sites that specializes in *kids* stuff to y'all, but if you have steampunklets of your own you know how hard it is to find things that appeal to both them and you. (We succeed with fossils and models, but the only steampunk thing in the elder steampunklets room is a iron bed...) Take a look at what Zulily has for sale from Design Legacy (for the next 24 hours or so only, and you need an account to see it, sorry!).

The coolest storage bin, ever.
Personalized, vintage circus art, anyone?
Carnival wheel pillow.


Tales of Whimsy said...

I love the pillow and tapestry.

William Bezek said...

Great stuff...but you lost me at Y'ALL!

practicalgirl said...

never mind the kids, i want it! ;) the pillow is my favorite.

K.S.M. said...

The pillow is fantastic!

Hayes Design Studios said...

great stuff! speaking of steampunk and kids... I will send you some info soon about a t-shirt I was commissioned to design for the Martha's Vineyard Public Libraries summer reading promotion.

They will be available this summer, so if you find yourself on the island, just make your way to one of any of the libraries and pick one up for you little steampunklet (and an adult size for yourself)!


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