Friday, January 21, 2011

A Favor? Nominate me for the Homies

Every year, Apartment Therapy (the grandpappy of home design blogs) sponsors a contest for the best home design blog of the year. I'm wondering, if after almost four years of posting here, if I might have enough readers to be in the running.

Besides, wouldn't it be fun to show all those minimalist modernists how the other side lives?

Here's how to do it:
1) Follow this link.
2) Register to be able to comment on Apartment Therapy.
3) Comment on the above link with the following content:
Name: The Steampunk Home

I need to be in the top 6 to make it to the next round, so the more people who add a comment, the higher the likelihood I make the actual voting.

Nominating runs until January 25th at midnight EST.

Thank you!


Batou said...

By all means, Madam! I will do my part to ensure all hands get the word!
Dr. R. Fabre
The Steampunk Tribune
(ex-Voyages of a Steampunk Physician)

mamacita said...

Seriously, who nominates Casa Sugar? Ugh.

Done and done.

Touch of Ink said...

Done! Jumping through hoops to register was totally worth it :) (That sounds sarcastic, but really isn't.)

Angela at Box of Unicorns said...

Consider yourself voted for. When I see I have an unread post of yours in my reader, my face just lights up.

jessi said...

voted !

AT seems to get a lot of grumpy commenters so i'm a bit nervous about my fav blogs being featured there, but i suppose it's probably that way on any equivalently large blog-site. ah, internet !

TakoInk said...

Just started reading this blog last week and it's easily made its way to one of my must reads! When I come home from a less than fabulous day at work and find a new post here, it makes my night; consider yourself nominated.

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I voted for you!!
Love love love your site!

practicalgirl said...

good luck! you deserve to be there.

Thieving Magpie said...

Done and done!

Art Donovan said...


Traveling Spork said...


Karen said...

You made it to the finals!!


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