Friday, November 6, 2009

The Creekmore's Dining Room

This is David Creekmore's dining room. The centerpiece is the Edison Chandelier from Pottery Barn.

David says of the light:
Installation was tricky, but fun. They don't supply you with a pattern for placing the the cords and lights. It takes some trial-and-effort work to make it look balanced, but not symmetrical. You might end up with a few holes in the ceiling that need to be patched.

There's lots more information in his blog post on the room, but this is the highlight to me:

In the end, we have a dramatic, attention-getting space that excites people when they enter the house. Every evening, when I pass by on my way to bed, the lights glow softly and I smile. It was definitely worth it.

Shouldn't your home make you smile?


Tinkerhell said...

Thanks for posting! David is my hubby. This room has been so inspirational and makes me smile every day as well.

Tales of Whimsy said...

O I want this too!

David said...

Thanks for posting ! Your dinning room is very beautiful and fascinating. Did you interior it your self or took the help of any interior designer. I am moving in new home and want to make similar dinning room in my lovely house.
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