Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Christmas List

Welcome to the Steampunk Home Christmas List, Edition 2009. There's a section of my personal selections, one chock full of Etsy finds, some things for the steampunklets in your life, and some Christmas things.

I tried to keep it relatively economical, so very few things here will be more than $100.

If your recommendation didn't make this list, I tried to add it to the Kaboodle list or bookmark the larger sites for a future post of their own.

My Favorites
This section is my personal gift list -- the things I really want for Christmas!

I can't afford an Eric Freitas clock, but this print of his Mechanical Clock Number 6 fascinates me. $20.

Think Geek's Molecular Gastronomy Kit. Not very Victorian, but these edible chemical experiments in the kitchen would be a lot of fun. $59.99

Dark Nostalgia I cannot wait to read this design book. $29.70 at Amazon.

Zeppelin Tin Toy, $10.98. My zeppelin obsessed steampunklet is *so* getting this. Tin Toy Arcade actually has 4 different zeppelin designs.

The Private House is the prettiest home book I've read all year -- full of antiques, natural materials, and simple yet elegant rooms. Nothing explicitly steampunk here, but if you like my taste you will probably like this book too. $37.50.

Etsy Finds

Behold the Machine Giclee Print by ettadiem, $110.

Bird Skull Drawer Pulls (he has bat skull pulls, too!). $16.

These Anatomical Soaps by the Steam Bath Factory would make a great hostess gift, assuming your hostess has a taste for the odd. $15

Reading Lamp by WardenClyffe Wares, $60.

Winona Cookie has a large selection on Etsy -- but I also like getting twelve different works with this calendar compedium of her collages she's made available on Zazzle, $24.50.

Steam Pipes Audio Speakers by Ikyaudio Studio. $275.

Red Pumpkin Studio's Journal/Sketchbook, $30

This small magnet by Libby Bulloff would make a great stocking stuffer. $4.

For the Steampunklets

World of Inventors: Alexander Graham Bell. Build your own intercom system! $21.95

World of Inventors: Thomas Edison. (sorry, no Tesla!) Build your own Kinetoscope model. $21.95

Just for Christmas

Holiday Cards by Mercantile Home, $6 for 5.

Clockwork Robin Christmas Print by by Hazel Fisher, $9.50.

Mad Hatter Copper Ornament, by Jewel Street. $32.

The cutest Cthulhu Santa, by Pirates Alibi. $25.

Disclaimer: Since someone seems to be worried that bloggers are making too much money flogging products (Ha! I don't think I've ever broken three figures), I need to let you know that no one is paying me for recommending any of these things, but that the Amazon links do provide a small referral fee.


Jessica Eubanks said...

oh how i love etsy! this one was on the front page and it is GORGEOUS

Unknown said...

There are some great steampunk and steampunk crossover novels out there now -- can I recommend one written by a friend of mine?

Clockwork Heart is a romantic adventure set in an elegant city controlled by a clockwork "brain" -- I think you and your readers might enjoy getting it for the holidays. Thanks!

Crescent Moon said...

The two tin zeppelins I ordered arrived today. They are really cute, but both boxes are labeled "For Adult Collectors Only. For display only. Not a toy".

Myke Amend said...

Thank you so much for including us in this wonderful list ^_^

Rhissanna said...

oh my! OH MY!! I'm considering the Eric Freitas clocks for this week's Steampunk on Sunday post and wow, what a lovely list of things you have here. Perfect for the Steampunk Study! I'm going to have a poke about your wonderful list and them I'm going to show list to Hubby! And whine and make big eyes...


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