Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out of Africa Decor

Living in: Out of Africa for all you who like the explorer steampunk style.

A great post of home furnishings inspired by the movie, from DesignSponge. Thanks Mikki!


Clamidia Staines said...

Greetings Sara,

New Steampunk Theatre Show

I'm writing to tell you about my new theatre show; "Kamakan The Vampire Slug - Live & Monstrous!!". I've revamped since it last played and adopted a Steampunk theme for the production. Its going to look great when it premieres in October.

The show is based on my children's comedy / horror book Kamakan The Vampire Slug. I have redesigned the look to incorporate a Steampunk style, for example, the main character; storyteller and adventurer Dr Theodolyte, is now a Steampunk storyteller, he looks fab and we have created a great look for him. There is also a Steampunk storyteller chair, Steampunk computer and projection screen for effects.

Steampunk works so well as you can't pin it down to any particular era, and it lends itself perfectly to the theme of the original book. Also, it will introduce Steampunk to a kids and families and I'm sure they will love it and think its totally cool. Also, it doesn't patronise the kids and its a grown up and very 'cred' look.

I've teamed up with acclaimed UK illusionists "Safire" and they are working on illusions, special effects and costumes as I speak. We also have an 8ft Yeti in it as the butler (worth the ticket price alone I think!). You can find out more at or contact me at for more info. We will have designs, production pics and tour details soon. Hope you can make it along or at least tell your friends. I'll be in touch soon.


Huw Roberts

geek details said...

I bought the hammock last night and can't wait to get it. Shipping was like $24ish but it'll look pretty sweet in the backyard.

I would love some of the other stuff (those brown and leather folding chairs perhaps) but they're so way out of my price range. /sigh

Wombat Pete said...

I was going to buy the canteen set, but it just wasn't expensive enough to hold my interest.

fengshuifan said...

nice :)


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