Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brooklyn Clock Loft

Brian pointed out another clock face living space (it rhymes!). I wonder how many more of these are out there? (and you'll help me figure it out, won't you?) This pushes so many of my buttons -- Turkish rugs, wood floors, old brick, and not a bit of modern furniture in the place.

From architect Michael R Davis' website: The The Clock on Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn Heights is a 1,200 square foot loft located in an Italianate storage building built in 1892 on the site of the Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper once edited by Walt Whitman. The most obviously striking feature in the apartment is the 10-foot glass and iron clock face, which serves as the living room window.

From a Time Out NY article: With the original scale and proportions restored, the sprinkler pipes, valves, and clockface, along with it's motor and steel strapping, fully exposed, the result was a return to a true loft space.


Ren said...

Oh, beauty...I love this. Particularly all the warm colors.

E Saxey said...

Just found your blog, and very much appreciating it - in exchange, here's a completely awesome flat with a clock-face kitchen:

Carl said...

I totally love that window/clock! It gives out an vintage clock tower aura that is pretty rare to live in. Also, another thing that made the interior awesome is the use of steel as an eye-catcher, which makes galvanized steel banding a fantastic material to use.

In my home, all the stainless steel banding straps that I bought in the past and what I had in extra are being used are being remade into furniture or laundry baskets on my extra time.


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