Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Steampunk USB Drives

I try to keep The Steampunk Home, well, "home" focused, and USB drives are a bit outside of the home. (Mine are most in use when I'm *away* from my home.) but these two were too good not to share.

Carl Ulrich sent me this one:

I took an old flash drive and with the aid of a 2 dollar cigar for the
glass tube I made my own vacuum tube flash drive. The entire project
took under an hour and costs under 5 dollars.

I love simple steampunk projects!

This one, made by Dave Barton's dad, is not so simple, but oh so beautiful:


reverend dick said...

I appreciate the vacuum tube more.
One could use cork to good effect in the stopper.

The "pretend" gears on the 2nd are distracting. No functionality? No add-ons.

KeskaStar said...

It would be cool if the gears in the second one moved a little bit or something. As like the above commenter I do agree that the gears are distracting. I do like the tube one. Simple and easy to make.

phirzcol said...

how about a keyboard
simply screams look at me

daysease said...

wow, such creativity!! actually, I loved the second one... if that is distraction, okay by me... great work. both are ingenious!!

Unknown said...

If you like steampunk stuff try this guy in the uk and he will ship round the world


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