Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ron Pippin's Skeletal Taxidermy Art

The Laboratory

Ron Pippin works in skeletons and other remains, combining them with vintage science and electrical components in ways that are intriguing and creepy.

Rattus Rattus

His artist statement is a bit too pretentious for me to quote here, but you can find it and many more examples of his work at Obsolete, Inc.



Mortrisha said...

Woah, that's ultra creepy. It's Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang on bad acid at the Museum of Natural History.

Cade said...

Taxidermy is an underrated art. Even some of our most open-minded artist friends shun it. It's probably because dead things are an antipathy for most people.

Tamara said...

My thoughts exactly, David. It's like a Museum of Natural History in an alternate steampunk universe.

SteamPunk Angel said...

super awesome

look I found steamy lamps that can work in a modern home



Unknown said...
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Fauve Aeon said...

I found his Statement very informative, explanatory, modestly clear in his intent and full of delightful introspection and honest useful purpose, it is no bad or small thing to dream your creations and then create your visions...few can and he does:)


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