Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MetalloArts -- Traditional Style Metal Kitchens

Kevin Ritter of Timeless Kitchen Design also pointed out his friends at MetalloArts. They do metal products for the kitchen. While I've been limiting my metal to backsplashes and dreaming of metal countertops, they create custom vent hoods, countertops, cabinets, and appliances with zinc, pewter, copper, and stainless steel.

I think the cabinet above is incredibly beautiful. (Could you possibly mod something like Ikea's black Sorbo cabinet doors to get a pale imitation?)

There pewter countertops are by far the most expensive countertop option I've seen ($400 per linear foot) but it's got definite style, and the MetalloArts edging adds a very traditional feel to the material.

We love kitchens! See all of The Steampunk Home's posts on kitchens.


Unknown said...

Over on brassgoggles someone mentioned "PlateAll" which can be used to plate metal onto wood. If you got some nice molding, you could probably do this in a DIY manner.

Jason said...

A sheet metal fabricator could do it as well. A pearlescent/metallic paint and wood trim combo might work, too. The fancy embossed edges are very similar to embossed copper gutters I've seen for sale on the internet.

Batty said...

You could also use the steampuckish pendant lights (especially the "tassle light") from Rothschilds & Bickers: http://www.rothschildbickers.com/autoviewer_products/deliver/signature_products.html

Than said...

Thanks for the write up. Speaking of concrete counters, we're actually working with Fu-Tung Cheng on a line of concrete and pewter counters - geocrete tops with our cast pewter edges.


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