Friday, August 29, 2008

City of Ember

City of Ember is a movie coming out in October based on a young adult book set in a post apocalyptic world where the only remaining people on earth live underground with light and power provided by a generator. The generator is failing....

I haven't read the book, although I just ordered it, but the movie preview shows some very promising sets centered around an aging industrial electrical environment... one might even be able to call it steampunk.

The trailer:

These photos (and more) at IGN.


Athena Grele said...

I've read it, it looks like they changed a fair bit. It's actually the first book in a trilogy. This one is good, the other two not quite as good. The last one being the worst of all. It kind of devolved into preachy moralizing, and not in a good way.
Maybe the movies can save it, I don't know, but they're usually not too good at that.
Anyway, the sets do look quite good, and definitely steamy. That seems to be an increasingly popular trend in mainstream fiction and fantasy movies lately.... hmmmm......

Tamara said...

I agree, Athene, that the steampunk aesthetic does seem to be getting more popular.

Just this morning, when my son was tuned into his shows on TV, I saw a preview for a cartoon titled "Igor" that had a great steampunk look.

I went to the website at, and the cartoon is stylistically an homage to both the classic Frankenstein movies and to the genius sets designed by Tesla - a great combination of High Victorian Gothic and quasi- futuristic industrial.

I plan to take my kids to see it.

asher said...

The book is very good! We'll see if they do it justice in the movie. I haven't read the last two books, but based on Athene's comments, I'm not in a big hurry...

The sets look excellent, though.


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