Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steampunk Design Panel

Mr. von Slatt was so kind as to point out his recording of the Steampunk Design Panel at Readercon.

It's a lovely rambling panel that covers the politics and philosophy of Steampunk Design (I'm not a purist, nor were most of the panels) -- DIY was deemed a core part of the approach, but it doesn't actually have to carry steam to be considered Steampunk.

Holly Black (author of the Spiderwick Chronicles) mentions her Tudor home that she's redone with hidden passageways, etc. I'll see if I can track down or wheedle pictures of same.

There's some nice references to the Steampunk Home, as well. *blush*

They wrap up the panel brainstorming what a "Steampunk Gibson Chair" would look like -- as best I can tell, it's a steam-warmed hovercraft chair, with armature for dealing with creatures of the night. Fun!


Brigid Ashwood said...

The good folks over at Faerie Magazine did an article about Holly's amazing house - had some nice photos - I believe it was the last issue. You can check on their site for back issues. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...
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