Monday, July 14, 2008

That "in the library" smell

A bit silly, but if your new house and new books just don't smell right, you can fake it with this home spray called "In the Library" by CB I Hate Perfume. Since I've not actually smelled it, we'll have to depend on the maker's description:

This scent is for those who can’t walk past a second-hand bookstore without coming away with at least one additional volume…It’s not so much the exact recreation of the musty, antique smell of the pages of old book as much as it is the entire book…a hint of worn leather bindings, a whisper of the frayed cloth and the wisp of wood polish from the shelves it sits on and even a bit of sweetness we can’t place.


Anonymous said...

House spray? Sounds like an irrisistable (grr, can't get it spelled correctly and too lazy to look up a dictionary link) cologne or perfume to me. LOL.

circe said...

It may be a bit silly, but better than the other scent the folks in the lab were researching..."stinky sock"

Anonymous said...

I like what you did... but I think you mustn't smell it for the dust and other anti-materials, as the book called "sleeping with the anti-materials at home" published by Viagra Online dictionary, you'd try on it.


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