Friday, July 18, 2008

Paperback Chair

The shape and content is not exactly steampunk, but this was too cool and too related to my string of library posts not to share. Can you imagine doing this to a set of pulp science fiction and fantasy books. (Frankly -- no -- I value reading them too much to ruin them!)

Rhode Island artist David Karoff welded the chair and attached the paperbacks: they have holes drilled though their insides and are slipped onto a hidden rebar frame. All of the materials are recycled - even the books, which are cast-offs from the Rochambeau Library Book Sales.

From Rag & Bone, via Too Fond of Books. Thanks Ben!

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Elizabeth Golden said...

This is very cool. My sister is a fantasy book writer. I wonder if she would be offended if I did something like this with her books!
{her name is Christie Golden}


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