Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lizabeta’s Condensed Recommendations for Hunting Steampunk Treasures on Ebay

Lizabeta has some excellent suggestions for searching out steampunk goodness on eBay. Some highlights (although you really must go read the whole thing):

Old Looking - This is great for two reasons. One is, a lot of folks just don’t know what they have. They can’t find a better way to describe it. Two, if it is old looking, but they don’t know how old, you could be getting a really great deal because they haven’t listed it directed at the market that is looking for it.

There is just nothing like taking advantage of someone who couldn’t figure out what they had, was too lazy to figure it out, or just has too many items to sell to take the time to look. Put the words “I don’t know” in quotations marks.

These are two fun ideas that would never have occurred to me. Wasn't Lizabeta gracious for sharing her clever ideas?

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