Friday, February 8, 2008

Wine accoutrements for the Steampunk

A collection of objects from all over that would suit your steampunk bar or wine cellar.

Spinning Brass Corkscrews -- such a nice patina!

Wine Settler - impractical yes, but when did that ever stop the desire for a gadget?

Steamship Wine Coaster -- Wine and Rivets!

Beaker Glass Decanter -- every mad scientist needs something to serve his or her potions in

Globe Wine Server -- Wines of the world, for the steampunk with an explorer bent

More things for the tabletop.

Tell me what you think -- none of this objects would have made the cut for a post on their own, but together I thought they might be interesting enough. If you like it -- or hated it -- let me know in the comment. Thanks!


Prairie Gothic said...

I love them, especially the beakers!

Art Donovan said...

Great designs!

Thanks so much for the post, Sara.

The Fist Bumpers said...

Check out


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