Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Metal Bathroom

Bathroom Interior
Originally uploaded by laughalita
Just ran across this bathroom remodel. I know, I know, it's corrugated steel -- but just imagine it in copper or brass? Note how the designer (laughalita) used pipes for the towel racks, and very steampunk style lighting fixtures. I love the sink.


Unknown said...

In many bars, the Men's Room has a long steel trough lining one wall for the patrons to relieve themselves. It's usually absolutely frightening and the last place you want to ever want to be, except for the fact that there's no choice.

I get horrid flashbacks to those bars when I look at this bathroom. Steampunk? Maybe. But it reminds me of puke and peestink.

Anonymous said...

that's cool!!!! Looks like something in a submarine. A really big submarine!


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