Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprises at CB2

I'm always surprised at the vintage industrial style pieces CB2 -- purveyor of extremely modern style -- offers. Their most recent catalog had a couple that piqued my fancy:
Gear Tealights, $6.95 each

Firefly Pendant Lamp, $199 (But only with Edison bulbs!)

Miner Side Table-Stool, $149
A bit too modern for my taste, but could be used to add some edge to a traditional room with a lot of wood and leather.

A bamboo model of the Chrysler Building in New York, $29.95
I love the idea of architectural models, but the bamboo seems to make this a bit too "light"--both in color and visual weight--for most of my rooms. I'm tempted to get this and spray paint it black.


mamacita said...

You have to spray paint it metallic silver.

Unknown said...

Sorry to pester you in a comment...I've tried emailing you twice with a reader home submission and received no reply! Help?

Raven said...

They have metal models of the eiffle tower and other buildings at target for only $19.99. Here's the link

John F said...

Wouldn't the Chrysler building be more, say, decopunk?

Brett said...

If you guys like what you see here. Check out and see the shirt they have for sale today. Tell me it's not a perfect match.

Anonymous said...

I noticed West Elm had some wooden gears that were pretty cool. Thought about buying the 1/4 size one for a bookend.

Lynne said...

I was driving through a small Kansas town two summers ago and stopped at a little shop. Among other interesting items the lady was selling old gears as candlesticks. She said they came from an old warehouse nearby, and she had some other old machine parts for sale. I bought two gears with candles and asked her if she was familiar with steampunk. She wasn't so we had a good chat and I gave her a few websites. Your gear tealights remind me of mine but mine are larger (and rustier!) and hold larger candles.


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