Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Martin's Watchmaker Loft

Here's Martin's loft; he says he's

...more oriented towards a Sherlock Holmes interior with strong watchmaking influences (my grandad was a watchmaker).

The apartment is a loft in a renovated toy factory from way back. Because of some of the interior features of the building such as the enclosed courtyard, we sometimes call it the Willy Wonka Building. Now if I could only get that fully surrounded double height shelved library going!

I love the personal history informed view of his steampunk style -- "the watchmaker." Did you notice the shelf full of timepieces?


Raven said...

OMG! That's awesome! I love all of the books!

tripletlads said...

I'm drooling! All those lovely clocks and delicious books! I even spotted and entire tray of pocket watches. (jealous now...)

Lynne said...

What a glorious environment to come home to! Very beautiful.

Needs more books. :)

Batou said...

Stunning work and an outstanding example of Steampunk decor - kudos to Mr. Martin!


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