Saturday, July 11, 2009

211 Elizabeth Condos

Roman and Williams (previously featured in the post on the Practical Magic House) are so incredible I may have to do a series of posts of them. Here's some shots from a project called 211 Elizabeth -- a built from the ground up set of brownstone condos in Nolita.

A dramatic wall of 9 foot high glass doors—with true divided lights and transoms—intersects the living room and dining room. Every living room has a large wood-burning fireplace. The floors are walnut herringbone parquet, and the baseboards, casings, windows and doors are trimmed in Roman & Williams’ favorite high gloss black oil paint by Fine Paints of Europe.

Although transom lights and herringbone parquet may be more than you can swing for your house, high gloss black paint on the trim is an easy update. (I'm using this approach in my addition -- we'll see how it looks....)

...vanities are painted a high gloss cream and feature double mirrors, double sinks and patinated brass fixtures. Walls, floors, and vanity tops are fashioned from slabs of Calacatta Gold marble detailed by acorn topped brass headbolts.

This is a lot of marble, but white vanities topped with marble are easily found. Antiqued brass fixtures aren't common yet, but I found a couple of options through the big box retailer's special order programs for my bathrooms.

...all shelves with glass fronts are framed in walnut and painted by hand with high gloss black oil paint. Counters are rendered in Danish oiled wood.

I don't actually like these cabinets, but check out the floors. Walnut herringbone! Gorgeous. And the squared off lighting adds another geometric touch.

These are just renderings, but I'd love to see some real life pictures of these homes.

What do you think?


Rachel Bostwick said...


Raven said...

I think they're gorgeous!

Ian James Anthony said...

I think I cannot wait to own my own home. Also, that first drafting is absolutely beautiful.

Keshlam said...

I agree with you on the library -- the cabinets definitely lose, but good herringbone floors are fun.

Keshlam said...

... Oh, it's a kitchen, not a library. I guess it was all the wood that caused me to leap to the conclusion.

Still... No. Among other things, the dark tones make the room feel smaller, which may be OK for a library if you want the feeling of privacy and being surrounded by your books, but seems inappropriate for a kitchen. Feels more crowded than it needs to.

Emily Nelson said...

Really? I actually love the kitchen. I mean, yes, it feels small, but the heavy dark feel totally works for me.


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