Monday, March 30, 2009

Tent City

There's this trend in luxury resorts called "glamping" (glamorous + camping -- yes, it's a pretty awful word) that keeps piquing my interest. I think it's the aesthetic of a FortyNiner's canvas tent + the safari campaign furniture + electricity. Or maybe it's just the clear air you get when you sleep with the windows open, taken to the nth degree. At any rate, here's Tent City at the Resort at Paws Up.

via Design*Sponge.


Unknown said...

with good weather, and not too many flying bugs, this could be SO much fun.

asher said...

I lived in Kenya for a while and went on a safari in a tented resort like this. It was wonderful! The weather was very cool at night, but employees came around with a hot water bottle for your bed. Plus, the bathroom was very nice with modern amenities.

Alys said...

Wow would love one of these in my back garden for sure..Summer Steampunk parties and sleepovers!!!

home before dark said...

Did anyone else make tents in their backyards? Probably not, but it required a clothesline!! My friends and I would make tents with all the blankets/quilts we could roundup and up clothes pins to hang them and partition rooms off. Then we would decorate! I think I'm the only one still "making rooms up."

Capcom said...

Fantastic! Very "Out of Africa" looking.

Sounds like fun Asher.



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