Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Boiler Bar

Yan sent a link to the transient, exhibitionist Boiler Bar. One part bar, one part vaudeville, many parts pyrotechnics, I like it for it's SpindleTop aesthetic. It's by Jon Sarriugarte, blacksmith, artist, creator.

See a video of the Boiler Bar in action. And hey, you can rent it for $1200. Sweet.


Jon Sarriugarte said...

Thanks for the plug!

Jon Sarriugarte

Liam said...

Almost as good as the Freak Bar at Coney Island.

Unknown said...

You could totally roast hot dogs in those flames! It gives the term steampunk a whole different meaning- punks drunk & sweating from the heat. LOL

Ivonne said...

how cool is that!


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