Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tammy's Living Room

Tammy was so kind to share some pics of her not-just-steampunk but The Steampunk Home inspired living room.

I ended up getting the coffee table from Sundance based on your kaboodle list. We're sort of going for steampunk in a temp. rental so we haven't painted the walls. I got the skull pillows from etsy, they are burlap and really comfortable. Had the rug and the pictures on the wall are framed vintage Tango sheet music covers from Buenos Aires. The lamp is another Sundance purchase, although I sort of wish that we had look for a 'real' antique. Couch is Restoration Hardware.

Good job, Tammy! I love the bits of red in the rug and the couch. The whole room has a bit of an airship pirate vibe to it -- the skull and crossbones pillows, the striped pillow, the steamer trunk (but in metal, nothing too old fashioned for airships, y'know), and the spotlight for highlighting whatever-it-is-you-chase as an airship pirate.


Molly Anne said...

That coffee table is fantastic. And I love the skully pillows. :)

FrostQueen said...

Honey you did a wonderful job, I love the furniture and the accessories, but Tammy please paint the white walls. At first glance, all you see is the big white wall. A little paint and that beautiful rug will 'pop.'

Waterbug said...

Sweet couch.

Like Tammy said about the light I always want to wait to come across that perfect piece. But I've learned to be happy with less than perfect while waiting. Still better than nothing and I seem to be less likely to pay any price when I come across a piece I want.

Athena Grele said...

Agreed with Frost Queen on the walls, although I think draping curtains across them would look really good.

Lynne said...

You have some nice pieces, Tammy! I know you said you're in temp quarters so won't paint...some kind of fabric treatment might be the way to go. Curtains, like Luai said...or, find a lighter weight fabric you like and "wallpaper" the wall with it. You can tack it up or soak it in a spray starch mixture; the recipe is easy to find online. :)


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