Friday, January 16, 2009

How Many Pulleys Can You Put on a Light?

Eight, if you're Palmer Earley, president and designer of Architects and Heroes. Here's his new Bilardo: It's 55" wide, 41" tall and has an up and down movement of about 14". It's hand made of oil rubbed brass, with cloth covered wire and hand cast pulley wheels.

More lights by Architects and Heroes.


Amica said...

I can think of about 10 places that I would install one of these. It'd pretty much be the making of any room it was in!

I also wanted to tell you, I really like your blog. There's definitely something wonderful about the steampunk edge in some interiors-- it gives the place more atmosphere and magic. I like your focus, and I wanted to say thanks!

linnea-maria said...

This one was adorable. Would suit my sons room. I'm aiming to renovate it in steampunk/sea-adventurer style. /linnea-maria


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