Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Mad Scientist Lamp

I have a tendency not to share projects I work on, mostly because they are not as cool as what the more accompished steampunks do, but I was really pleased with how my Mad Scientist Lamp turned out. It now lives on Ben's bedside table and is used as an adjustable reading lamp.

Aren't those great lightbulbs?


Katie Rosin / Kampfire PR & Marketing said...

How do I email you directly? There is a Twelfth Night being done in NYC with the visual aesthetic of steampunk. Email kffprlistmember@gmail.com for more information.


SteamPunk Angel said...

cool I found this idea for a made scientist feel.

1.buy a black light bulb

(they even come in Compact Fluorescent)

2.buy some test tubs/beakers

i dont know where to get or for cheap maybe ebay or a school (most likely safer)

3.buy a lot of markers

now you drain the markers into the tubs and they will glow under the black lighting

I think its very cool!!!

Mr. Sable said...

I started building mine about a year ago, but I was too lazy to finish. Mine brightens and dims using a skeleton key.

Leslie Todd said...

These are great! Is there a tutorial?

Taz said...

There are instructions [here

Art Donovan said...

I LOVE these!

Cade said...

Looks awesome. I think you should share more. It's inspiration for others.

Steampunk Angel: Ha, that's cool.

Jeff! You should share pictures :]

Mr. Sable said...

I'm not allowed to post photos, it tells me, but here's the links:



done, then. Well, the pictures, not the lamp.

mojokiss said...

im enjoying this steampunk stuff - its new to me but will affect my art

Cade said...

Jeff, just wanted to let you know I saw the pictures. Those were great! I feel inspired to make one myself.

If that was you in the second shot, in the photo you remind me of the crazy Frankenstein scientist in Day of the Dead. I mean that in a good way! It's my favourite movie after all. Thanks for sharing, even though this isn't my blog :P

Mr. Sable said...

"He remembers! ...from before." ;)

Mr. Natural said...

These remind me somewhat of old fish tank bulbs perhaps? What exactly are they? I LOVE EM!


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