Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Iron Horse in My House

So my birthday is tomorrow, so to celebrate I decided this week would be all about my house. Egocentric? Absolutely, until you realize that you'll be seeing my fear of color (lots of white walls!), a bit of mess, and some decidedly undone bits. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I wanted to start with this mural I've put above the bed in the master bedroom. It's a high contrast photograph called "Iron Horse" from Mr. Sable on flickr (who has a very nice collection of steampunk pictures). I had WallHogs print it into what's basically a big sticker that you apply by "burnishing" (rubbing with a straightedge). One of the nice things is that it's removable, so this technique could work for rentals or a dorm room.

I suspect it would look better with a frame of some sort, and I do wish it was larger.

Thanks to my sister, who's much better with a camera than I am, for taking this photo.


Hyla said...

I like it!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I really like the concept of the burnished stickery thing.

Julie said...

Hope you have a great birthday!!

Mr. Sable said...

Wow! That's super cool! Thanks for giving me credit. How much did that cost to have done?

Sara said...

Mr. Sable -- $58.92 with shipping.


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