Monday, September 15, 2008

DaVinci Decoder Fountain

Cameron Harvey of Harvey Gallery shared his DaVinci Decoder Fountain:

Some have said it is an early device for deciphering the coding in the Last Supper. A few suggested that when played underwater, large whales flock to it and attempt to communicate.

I worry about linking the DaVinci Code with steampunk, but it's a lovely piece. No, the water doesn't turn the gears, but rather runs down the center of it.


Hyla said...

Very beautiful!


SteamPunk Angel said...

I think its super cool! I want one.

Here is steam powered engine art piece, just add alcohol, it really works :)

SteamPunk Angel said...

heres the site where you can buy it from but its $379 and sold out :(

SteamPunk Angel said...

here are some retro and steam punkish ipod docs


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