Friday, September 5, 2008

Cooling the Steampunk

We've done ceiling fans before, but wonderful models keep showing up. (I think ceiling fan technology is intrinsically Victorian, which may explain some of it.)

Michael Banks sent me Hunter 1886 Limited Edition.

Tangelia sent me the Fanimation Old Havana Ceiling Mount.


Anonymous said...

Oh, gorgeous! Oh, I want I want I want!

Unknown said...

>$350 for the second one. I wonder how much for the first one?

Both very lovely at almost any price. Would be even better if I could afford one (or two.)


Hyla said...

Those are beautiful! I love your finds!

Art Donovan said...

Fantastically cool. Especially the Old Havana.
What great finds you post, Sara!

SteamPunk Angel said...

to the SteamPunk home site.

I found this nice site mixing Victorian and Art Nouveau style

its called "Fenway"(cute name)
hope you enjoy!!

P.S. that site also has of Art deco as well, just click on the Victorian tab.

SteamPunk Angel said...

heres another one

SteamPunk Angel said...

sorry for posting so much!

This is a funny video that I found, it talks about the "steam age" for a sec (5 minuets long) has some good madern but timeless items but thats my opinion LOL

Steampunk Griffin said...

I love those, but I am wondering why no one mentioned Belt driven ceiling fans? I mean something is just awesome about having all the bits exposed and powered by an external engine. Heck, I think they may be a bit more enviromentally conscious since one electrical engine can power several ceiling fans.

To see what I am talking about check out some of the following links:

Waterbug said...

I was checking into getting the Old Havana today. Price is up to $400-500 depending on configuration. But it is pretty cool this can be mounted to the ceiling, wall, or as a free standing floor or desk fan. You can mix and match finishes. The store I went to had sample finishes. The copper is copper plate over steel, not just copper paint. The rust is very nice too.


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