Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hexagon Tile in a Kitchen

I'm enamored of black and white floors. This one is a pattern I've seen in plenty of bathrooms, but rarely in the kitchen.
This sort of hexagon tile was widely used in the earliest indoor bathrooms. According to some things I've read, white tile was popular in early bathrooms because it gave an antiseptic feel to the room. With that in mind, this kitchen has echoes of a Victorian surgery -- stainless steel countertops, the tile, the iron table, and adjustable stools.

If you like the Victorian doctor look, don't forget Dr. Kim's "Office."

(p.s. If you happen to live close to Carrollton, TX, you can snag the table pictured here for only $75 and the stools for $10! Only at the Wisteria outlet, and let me know if you are planning on making the trip!)


Barbra said...

LOVE that floor!

Ethyl Cannes said...

I have long obsessed over hex tiles. I've vowed to have a "Sanitary Style" bathroom once I actually own my own home.
Seeing it used in a kitchen is an interesting twist :)


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