Monday, December 10, 2007

Metal Elements, done well

This home, from House and Garden, isn't steampunk, but their use of metal was impressive -- I like how they mix natural elements like stone and cotton with metal furniture and accessories from a number of different eras.

The armillary sphere chandelier may be a bit before the steampunk time -- but I think it's great. This one is made by Solaria. I found a couple of similar chandeliers as well:

clockwise, from top left: a large and small armillary sphere chandelier by David Canepa lighting; a black one from Bellacor, and one by Neirmann Weeks

In the lower left hand photo is a zinc garden table -- I've read this style is originally french and for outdoor use, using it indoors works surprisingly well. Note the absinthe poster on the wall. (There are innumberable absinthe posters available online.) Wisteria has a similar table.

These beds were by the designer of the room, Mary Clark. I like how they have a very formal top shape, combined with almost a cot like base and raw metal finish.

Using metal in places where you'd expect to find wood is an interesting way to "toughen up" an interior. This home manages to juxtapose traditional shapes with metal materials in a way that's unique and I think quite pleasant.

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Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of metal furniture and accessories as well. As much as possible, I try to include metal furniture into my house interior by replacing some wood frames like bed and chairs. I have a couple of metal furniture such as all-steel bed frame, hand forged iron fireplace accessories, iron bar stools. In addition, aside from their cool look, I think metal and hand forged iron furniture are very sturdy and can last a long time.


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