Friday, December 28, 2007

Mad Scientist Light

So I ran across this post about a "Mad Scientist Light" by the (mysterious) "Big E" the other day, because he had linked to The Steampunk Home.

E handily provided the link to the Instructable for the light, and I have to say, I'm inspired. (E's pep talk at the end of his post didn't hurt: "People need to realize that there is no substitute for squaring the shoulders and boldly deciding to do something. And it works for more things than just a cool light fixture.") I hit a thrift shop last night and picked up a couple of wooden jewelry style boxes and today I visited our local Light Bulb Shop (really!) and found some nice 25W bulbs. Only a dimmer switch and socket left to find, and then a little bit of power tool time.

There are tons of great variations on this in the Instructable comments.

Hopefully I'll have one done by the end of this weekend!


JPH said...

Very cool - I'm thinking of trying to make one of these. I have an old Arborphone 27 radio that I might try to mod it into. Neat post.

Anonymous said...

Nice I had a friend who use the viagra online bottles light a light bulb because they where transparent and unbreakeble, nice one men haha.


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