Thursday, September 6, 2007

More toothbrush holders, much more steampunk

In the comments to the Steampunk Toothbrush holder, Jenbug mentions that she has actually made some of these. A convenient link to her livejournal, and we see pictures of 2!:

I like how she expands on the whole "toothbrush holder" idea into a full blown "bathroom caddy", complete with q-tip holder and floss.

Jen says:
I bought the wooden base from the AC Moore completely plain and unpainted. I stained the wood Golden Oak, painted the outside in titanium gold, then decoupaged the red border with small red squares I cut from paper.

I affixed the test tubes with brass conduit purchased from Skycraft, the glass Qtip holder with copper hanger strap, and the floss with plain old copper wire. The test tubes aren't glued down, they're easily slid in and out from the top. Their rim is what holds them in, and they can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. Unfortunately the power drill didn't properly fit throught the conduit so I just screwed everything down by hand, except where the hanger strap's connected.

I had the idea to put metallic green beads in the bottoms of the test tubes to create a vivid contrast and for drainage of toothbrush slime, but didn't do it because there was just so much red happening. I tried to decoupage green on the glass jar (which entered my house full of Allessi-brand sundried tomatoes) to create a counterpoint to the red accents and support the green, but I just don't care for how it came out.

Well done, Miss Jenbug.

For more details, go read the full description.

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