Monday, September 10, 2007

The Jules Verne House

In France, in the town of Amiens in Picardy, is the home of Jules Verne. This house was occupied by Verne from 1882-1900.

The Winter Garden

I love the checkboard flooring in the winter garden.

Office and Writing Desk

Verne's office has great, rich green wallpaper and curtains. The furniture is pretty great too -- daybed, 2 part desk, globe and lamp.

The above photos are all part of this set. The one below is from this site. Both have many more, so go check it out.

The science fiction mural and the top of the observation tower are recent additions by Fran├žois Schuiten.

You can also see 360 degree tours of rooms in the house on this website.

Index for the Jules Verne Week Extravaganza.

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