Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cargo Hold Restaurant

My sister took these pictures of the Cargo Hold restaurant at the aquarium in Durban, South Africa, knowing it was just my style.

The designers based it on the idea of a ghost ship, attacked by pirates, that drifted to shore.

A couple more pictures and a review from Kim's South Africa.

And one final exterior shot by StefanieInez on picasa.


Juju at Tales of said...

I love it!

Micki said...

Wow thats amazing!! Love it!!

Laurie Brown said...

Oh, that is awesome! Now I want a ghost ship... maybe a smaller one in the garden...

Anonymous said...

I love the rust and patina effect on the metal. I've been searching now for chemicals to treat a few things around my house that are too 'clean' looking.

Love your blog. Tons of ideas for my own Steampunk house!

AEC said...

I've been to this restaurant. It's fantastic. Inside the restaurant are huge aquariums with various large fish. It's really amazing.

DeepFried said...

Holy good grief! THank you to your sister. This is on the bucket list for sure! Blown away..

google it if you haven't.. more pics.

@AEC <--jealous!!


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