Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poke Acupuncture!?!

Poke Acupuncture is a very non-traditional acupuncturist office -- just take a look!

Acupuncturist Russell Brown says:

What I am, and what I want my office to reflect, is an eclectic and stylish mix of fine and creative arts, and culture, and knowledge and music. I love birds, and vintage medical equipment. I like paint-by-numbers and photographs that tell stories. All my good friends know that I love the smell of old books and holding them always makes me cry. I want to showcase the tremendous talents of some of the great artists who have donated pieces to my “gallery” and I much prefer the sound of a great melancholy band to the tinkle of a mechanical fountain that just makes me have to pee. I think most of us feel better when we’re cozied up in our living rooms than in a cold medical office and I want that for my patients when they come here.

To that end, I have created this office for my patients, to relax in, to let go of their day, and to be transported into another world where they might be nourished not just by alternative healthcare, but an alternative environment to receive that care.

Via Apartment Therapy, thanks to Jesse Hayes.


Juju at Tales of said...

I'm in love!

Bleistifterin said...

very cool!
btw, have you seen this?

Hayes said...

thanks for posting Russell was very excited! this is such a great example of taking the inspiration and elements of steampunk and combining them in an original, uncliched and very stylish way.
look... we're all nerds deep down but how great is it when you can proudly display all your geekery in such a way that you make everyone else think your really cool!

Sara said...

Hayes, I couldn't agree more! I'm not sure when geekery became cool, but I definitely revel in it!

Hayes said...


It's not necessarily the geekery (like that you used my word) that is cool but it's the beauty of wrapping your geekly pleasures in such an appealing cloth that no one realizes what you're doing (until it's too late! haha)... let's face it renaissance fairs, steampunk festivals... these things generally appeal to a very limited audience... whenever you can take elements of that and make it appeal to more folks, THAT is cool!

DeepFried said...

"Poke". That is genius. What an amazing office!!

DeepFried said...

Trying to comment over at his blog but either my firefox is wonky or the site isn't loading correctly. Either way, obviously the decor is amazing but seems to me, the posts are definitely worth a look too. Or 8.


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