Monday, December 28, 2009

A Well Travelled Kitchen

I have to admit, we have a burgeoning globe collection. (We're at 3 or 4 -- Christmas introduced a tiny new vintage tin globe from 1926.) I have to admit, though, I never considered using them as kitchen decor.

Obviously I'm not creative enough, because they look incredible in this kitchen tour from AT's The Kitchn. (More pictures, including more globes, here.)

And more vintage style geekery -- the backsplash is made of yardsticks. (Doesn't it work well with the butcher block cabinets?) Here's the how-to.

The kitchen (& great ideas) belong to Ashley Ann. And if you're not envious enough, she did the whole kitchen facelift for $500.


Rachel said...

I actually have upwards of 35 globes in my kitchen alone, also above cabinets. Globes and maps are a theme throughout my home... I have a globe or map of some kind in every room in my house-- with the exception of the bathrooms, which mostly house prints from the places I've visited-- a painting of the Acropolis from Athens and papyrus with my name on a cartouche from Cairo in the powder room, for example. I have so many maps that I've even started hanging some in my garage!

mamacita said...

I can't get behind the yardsticks as a backsplash. I have a thing about cracks and crevices in food prep areas.

geek details said...

Mamacita, the yardsticks have something behind them so it's not very cracky at all.

I love that website but I loathe the fact that I can't save pictures to my computer. Nothing sucks more than finding something you like and want to do in your house and not being able to save a photo of it for later inspiration.


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