Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monique Keegan is Incredible...

Remember this house? (How could you forget? I'm using it as inspiration for half my renovation!) The owner and designer behind it was Monique Keegan. She's awesome. And she blogs. And has a retail store and design business in Granville, Ohio. And here's just a bit more of her work.

Psychological abstract card catalog, in black? With a naturalist collection on top? I'll take one, please!

Nice mix of vintage and modern here... The mirror is a lovely piece.

Antique oil cans on display...

The Cranial Nerves... something about using "nerves" at a vacation home seems appropriate to me.

Thanks, Brian!

1 comment:

The Professor said...

There's a similar (but smaller and not "antiqued") mirror on a scissor arm at Ikea for $5.


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