Friday, February 6, 2009

"Ohio Farmhouse Revival"

Jay was so nice as to send in this house from Country Living. It doesn't have enough science or technology for my taste, but there are a lot of other ideas here.

I like this dark color on the walls -- it's not black, but it's still high drama. The color is Ralph Lauren's Grange Hall. The owner mixed "fancy" -- the table base, the chandelier -- with industrial -- the chair, side table, and lamp to good effect.

Using a natural looking linen, and not hiding the seams, for the duvet cover again plays off the chandelier. I'm noticing these natural linens and burlaps in a number of my posts (Tammy's and Mildred's Lane) and I think why the "work" in steampunkish rooms is that they provide that juxtaposition and they have this "Victorian revolutionary punk holed up in a falling down house making do" vibe (or something like that!)

The dining room uses the same linen for loose window treatments.

Another good dark color in the kitchen -- this one is a dark grey from Ralph Lauren called Surrey.

A lovely house, don't you think?


Arthur + Leslie Tarbell Donovan said...

That's a very fine looking home. The deep colors and details are close to my heart.

Lynne said...

I like these deeper tones also, and am trying to bring more of this look to my living room. I especially like the two sparkly chandeliers with the otherwise simpler and deeper toned rooms. I just saw a terrific small crystal and wire chandelier at American Furniture--with 3 candles, not electric--that would be a touch of Victorian glitz in a deeper toned room. It's $60 now, but they have sales often.


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