Monday, May 2, 2011

More Steampunk Flowers

Easter Arrangement by saracarl
Easter Arrangement, a photo by saracarl on Flickr.

Although not as cool as the wedding arrangements posted earlier, I thought I'd share my Easter arrangement.

In my little fantasy world, a resolutely single mad scientist absentmindedly tucked these lilies into a flask of alchemical experimentation rather than be distracted by her suitor's charms. (Yes, I'm weird like that.)

In reality, there were a bunch of Costco lilies, in a florist vase I picked up for its chemical lab styling, with water colored with food coloring to match the flowers.

Have you seen any other steampunk flower arrangements?


LivingInSong said...

Oh my! This and your last post have me super-de-super happy! I work in a flower shop, and although I've only been working there since the end of last year, I'm sure we could do steampunk arrangements(Gah! They would be so pretty!). Thank you so much for sharing! C:

faery bird said...

That's a wonderful vase. While I've not seen a ton of steampunk floral arrangements, some of the bouquets I've seen steampunk brides use have been pretty neat. I like this lady's little gear-centered handmade felt flowers.

I think the use of some little metal elements is fun and adds a lot of texture to it. One thing I've considered for my own wedding is using some of my antique medicine bottles as bud vases. While not overtly steampunk, I think it fits in with the aesthetic nicely.

Laura said...

1. I love how your mind works

2. I love that arrangement!

Tales of Whimsy said...

That vase is killer!

Xa Lynn said...

I haven't seen any besides this one, but I'm off to whack the daffs in my backyard to create some!

Xa Lynn

danniey said...

Honestly, I like yours better than the ones you posted before because of its simplicity. I wasn't a huge fan of the really overt ones. I love the food coloring touch!!

Jemima said...

That arrangement is awesome. The creativity of Steampunk never fails to thrill me - flowers are such an unlikely object to try and rock a Steampunk look with, but there, I see you just made it work anyway! :)

jjejjohn said...

I see all your globes :)

Marcia said...

Beautiful! I lust after that vase- where did you find it?

Chroniques de Mites said...

Beautiful arrangement!


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